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For those looking to sell new and vintage watches, it’s important to understand the market’s demand. High-quality timepieces, especially from prestigious brands, can fetch considerable sums

Sellers should examine the model, condition, and rarity of their watch. Watches with a well-documented history or those that have been limited in production often carry a premium. Online databases and auction results can give a sense of what similar timepieces have sold for in the past.

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Sell Luxury Watches and Timepieces

What is My Watch Worth?

Determining the value of a watch can be as intricate as the timepiece itself. Several essential factors influence a watch’s worth. Notably, the brand, model, condition, and rarity play pivotal roles. Furthermore, the watch’s provenance, which includes its history and previous ownership, can also significantly impact its value.

When figuring out a watch’s worth, it’s crucial to document everything. Ensure that all relevant paperwork, such as the original box, warranty cards, and service records, are intact and accessible. These documents authenticate the watch and can enhance its desirability to buyers.

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How Do I Sell My Watch?

Selling a luxury watch is a nuanced process that requires a keen understanding of the market and an appreciation for the timepiece itself. With the right appraisal and a detailed record of the watch’s history and condition sellers can approach the market with confidence. It’s about finding a match where the value of the watch is recognized and its legacy is continued.

Altier Rare Coins stands out as a destination for those looking to find an appreciative home for their cherished timepieces. We offer the expertise and respect necessary to ensure that your watch is not just sold but placed with someone who understands its worth and significance.

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Watch & Timepiece FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions when it comes to sell your watches & timepieces

Having the original box and papers for your watch or timepiece can help a lot when it comes to selling the item. Having these items at the time of sale are an indicator for authenticity of the piece along with how well taken care it is. 

You can sell your watch without the original box and papers, but this is enitrely up to the buyer. Without these items, it is common to receive a lower offer in comparison to a watch that does have the box and papers.

We buy many different new, used, and vitange watches from brands like Rolex, Patek Phillippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, Tag Huer, Cartier, Brietling and more. Contact us today to sell your watch at Altier Rare Coins!

There are a lot of factors that go into your watch appraisal and what we will offer you. From the brand, rarity, precious metals and stones used, condition, and even who preciously owned it. Our watch experts evaluate these different factors to provide you with an accurate and fair appraisal for your piece.