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US type coins

United States Type Coins Range From Half Cents Through Early Silver Dollars

US Type Coins
US Silver Coins - Sell Rare Coins

US silver coins

We Buy All United States Silver Coins Dated 1970 and Earlier

US gold coins

All United States Gold Coins Date 1795-1933

US Gold Coins - sell rare coins

US Mint & Proof Sets

All United States Mint & Proof Sets
  • All Proof Sets
  • All Mint Sets
  • Prestige Sets
  • ICG (Independent Coin Graders)
  • Premier Proof Sets
  • Silver Proof Sets
  • SMS (Special Mint Sets)
  • Commemorative Sets

Foreign Gold & Silver Coins

Foreign Coins From All Around The World

Foreign Gold & Silver Coins

Rare Coin FAQs

Where to sell rare coins?

Are you looking to sell rare coins but don’t know where can I sell rare coins? You have come to the right place if you need accurate and up to date value information about coins. Our coin grading information guide has pictures and value of many rare coins. This would educate you on how we grade coins. You can work directly with our coin experts to get clear answers on what your coins are worth. We are here to answer all your questions. You can sell a single rare coin or an entire collection to us.

How to sell rare coins?

Selling your rare coins is a very easy process with Altier Rare Coins. Visit us at our location in Coral Springs, Florida for an appraisal from our coin experts. We’ll take a look at your items and based on the rarity, condition, and metal content, you’ll receive our best offer. If accepted you’ll receive payment the same day!

How the process would work if I decide not to sell my rare coins?

You are at no obligation to sell your items after receiving our purchase offer. Once you notify us that you would like your items returned, we will schedule a return delivery with you and get your items back to you. You owe us nothing, we even pay for the return shipping!

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