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If you have any questions about how the buying and selling process works at Altier Rare Coins, please check some our most frequently asked questions.

Altier Rare Coins is a well known and trusted name in the Numismatic world. We have been in the trade for a long time, dealing direct with coin dealers, and now are offering our services direct to the public.  We are not a pawnshop, estate buyer, or fly by night internet marketing company. Our numismatic expertise is extensive and we have the resources and expertise to give you the most money for your items. Justin Altier, Owner, and Buyer, will make sure that you get the most for your items.

Coins are valued based on multiple criteria. The most important factor would be the overall rarity of a specific coin, followed by the condition of the specific coin. The first step in determining the value of your coin is to identify what it is. Upon identifying the exact type of coin you have, one would want to then verify that it is in fact genuine, and not a counterfeit/copy. No single mintmark, or date is always rare, it is different for each year and location in which they were minted, along with the quality and grade of each coin.

We make every effort to offer you the most money for your items! You are at no obligation to sell, or accept our purchase offer. If you need time to consider our offer, take your time and think it over. We do not charge for verbal appraisals when you are interested in selling your items.

Altier Rare Coins is an accredited member of the following organizations:

  • American Numismatic Society Member ( ANA )
  • North American Collectible Group ( NACA )
  • Professional Coin Grading Company ( PCGS )
  • Numismatic Guarantee Company ( NGC )
  • Paper Money Guarantee Company ( PMG )
  • Certified Acceptance Company ( CAC )

You should NEVER clean your coins. Cleaning coins removes the originality of coins, hurting the value immensely. An experienced numismatic can often tell the difference when a coin has been cleaned. A coin that is toned dark is often worth more than one that is improperly cleaned to remove the tarnish/patina. Because condition plays such a large role in determining the value of a coin, do not clean them in any way, leave it to the experts.