Grading Information

Educate Yourself On How We Grade Coins

Altier Rare Coins has numismatist working on site who grade and authenticate each coin prior to making an offer.

We are authorized dealers of both PCGS & NGC, the leading 3rd party numismatic authentication companies.

Coin Grading – How We Grade Coins

Coins are given a numeric value on the Sheldon Scale when they are graded. The scale comprises of coins that range from Poor, denoted with P-1 to Perfect Mint State, also denoted as MS-70. These coins are classified according to their present state as adjectives such as Excellent, Good and Fair are used to qualify them. However, those who deal in the collection of coins have already known the meaning of these terms in their world. Presently, grades are usually given at important points on the Sheldon scale, with the most common numeric points being used alongside the exact adjective to identify the grade. These are the regular coin grades:
(P-1) Poor

This is a term used for a coin that is hardly recognizable; it must have mint mark and date.

(FR-2) Fair

It is a term for coins that are almost smooth and does not have much damage.

(G-4) Good

These coins have been heavily worn, and the engravings have blended into the rims in places, and its components are almost non-existent.

(VG-8) Very Good

These are coins that are much worn, but their crucial design elements are flawless.

(F-12) Fine

Coins in this category are very worn. The wear impact is even with the entire design elements are in perfect condition, and its rims are virtually entirely separated.

(VF-20) Very Fine

Used to denote coins that are discreetly worn with some excellent details evident on them. Letters of LIBERTY should be clear. It must have full and clean rims.

(EF-40) Extremely Fine

Coins in this category are lightly worn, its major devices are bold and bright.

(AU-50) About Uncirculated

These coins have minor hints on high points; may not appeal to the eyes and may possess contact marks.

(AU-58) Very Choice About Uncirculated

It has an enticing eye appeal, almost full shine, it has the least signs of wear marks and no main contact marks.

(MS-60) Mint State Basal

These coins are stringently uncirculated with clear contact marks as they are ugly without luster.

(MS-63) Mint State Acceptable

These coins are uncirculated, possesses nicks and contact marks, its shine slightly weakened, it has a fair, attractive form.

(MS-65) Mint State Choice

Its strike is above average as it is also uncirculated with resilient luster, its eye appeal is exceptional and very few contact marks on it.

(MS-68) Mint State Premium Quality

Coins in this class are uncirculated with perfect gloss as it lacks clear contact marks to the human eye. It also has an excellent eye appeal, and their strike is gorgeous and sharp.

(MS-69) Mint State Almost Perfect

These coins are uncirculated with unadulterated luster, catchy strike, excellent features that appeal to the eyes. Its defects can only be seen by a microscope as it looks perfect.

(MS-70) Mint State Perfect

Coins in this category are the best as they are considered perfect and unblemished. Their strike is perfectly-centered, well-defined, and on a spotless planchet. These coins are renowned for their cheerful, unique shine and eye-catching features. This grade is only ever given to modern coins, which have surpassed the MS69 grade.